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Refinery and Terminal Storage Tank Cleaning

Cierra In-Tank Separation Recovery Process

Cierra Tank uses state-of-the-art “cold tapping and circulation” technology to create an opening into the tank through blind flanges. This process eliminates the necessity of hot work and having to open the manways.

Cierra Total Clean Solution

Cierra’s goal is to provide a completely cleaned tank with nominal exposure to personnel. To achieve this, Cierra begins with its In-Tank Separation Recovery Process. Then solids are removed using the same technology adapted for hot washing. Solids are pumped into a separation tank where they are centrifuged and then properly disposed. Detailed cleaning is then completed manually in areas behind legs and pipework.

Additional Services

Cierra can assist you in selecting the best overall plan to accomplish your project goals safely and at a competitive price. Cierra Tank Services provides the following services to meet your specific project needs:
  • Re-positioning roof support legs on internal floating roof tanks while in service
  • Removal and disposal of collapsed aluminum internal floating roofs
  • Degassing
  • Transferring tank bottoms to another tank or into your pipeline
  • Blending heavy paraffin or asphaltic type tank bottoms with crude oil, as the tank is being cleaned, and pumping the blended mix back into your line or tank
  • Coordinating with Crude Oil Reclamation or Disposal Sites
  • On-site processing of sludge for liquids and solids separation and waste minimization
  • Facilitating and managing transportation of tank bottoms to a reclamation plant or disposal facility
  • Removal of floating roof seals
  • Raising and cribbing collapsed floating roofs
  • API 653 Inspections
  • Removing fiberglass, concrete, Gunite and coal tar from tank floors
  • Decommissioning and demolition of tanks, tank farms and terminals
  • Specialty Services
  • Custom Blending
  • Tank Car Cleaning
  • Barge Cleaning